Tired of Overpaying for Dial Tone?


Why pay $55.00 a line plus long distance when you can have the same trunk plus Direct Dial Lines with Disaster Recovery and unlimited dialing with No Long Distance for $19.95 per month. It’s a No Brainer. Tampa VoIP SIP Trunking offering is a flexible VoIP dial tone solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any size business. With low up-front costs and rapid deployment, Tampa VoIP SIP Trunking can deliver instant savings for your business.

Do I Need To Change Phone Systems?

This has got to be the most commonly asked question. The answer is NO. If you have a phone system that functions just fine and you are simply exploring ways to save on your monthly recurring phone bill then we have a solution for you. We simply install what is known as a Gateway between your phone system and the internet. This converts the Voice Over IP SIP Trunks back to analog to connect to your system. We even have gateways to convert PRI Trunks. The Gateways are relatively inexpensive starting at a couple hundred dollars for an 8 port Cisco SPA8000. This usually pays for itself the first couple of months. If you wish to sign a 24 month commitment we will include it in the monthly bill.

Can I Have Both Analog and SIP Trunks?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact often times a client needs to add more trunks to their system do to growth. A great solution is to keep your existing lines but add SIP Trunks also. This way you can route all your Long Distance and outbound calls over the SIP Trunks and free up your existing lines for inbound calls. In the event either one goes down you have a backup. WIN WIN!!